Second Life at the age of majority

Second Life is celebrating now, until July 6th, its 18th anniversary — an event also known as SL18B. As SL reaches the age of majority, fantasy has been chosen as the theme for the party, which, following tradition, includes a set of regions that can be explored from the Welcome Area. The main party zone […]

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A place where cats took over

Nekomachi Street is a sky platform in Tonarino region, in Second Life, that depicts a Japanese town inhabited by anthropomorphized cats. In the (almost fully) still scene composed there, they behave like humans: they go to restaurants, work as waiters at bars, ride bikes, deliver pizza, go to the movies and so on. They are […]

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Animals are us

Like some other people out there, I’ve learned – not without surprise – from Ziki Questi that Roche was closing. After one month, I checked Second Life’s map and noticed that the region remained there – meaning that the sim was rather transformed into something else instead of just disappearing. I teleported to it and […]

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When architecture beats gravity

“Architects spend an entire life with this unreasonable idea that you can fight against gravity.” Renzo Piano Back from my vacations, I recently had to build a new house for myself – my first mesh one – and started thinking of the ways architecture has been following in Second Life. Not that I’m a creative […]

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