Experiencing the Roaring ’20s in a recreated New York

UPDATE: The 1920’s New York Project has already moved to a full sim. This is its new location in SL. The SLURLs on the post have been updated. Historical reconstruction and role-playing has found a breeding ground in Second Life, and one of the most impressive examples of such an endeavor that I’ve stumbled upon […]

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A train to a vanishing world

I was going to write on the Victorian era presence in Second Life and on how the Victorian times still fascinate many of us. My point of departure would be Victoria Station, which I have recently found in SL – where I embarked on a 19th century train, went to a bookstore where I could […]

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Back to the happy 50s

The 1950s were years of prosperity, especially in the so-called developed countries. It was a decade of welfare, economic expansion (including the continuation of growth in Europe as a direct result of the Marshall Plan) and cultural reinvention, with the emergence of rock and roll, the consolidation of youth culture and the influences of those elements […]

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A colossal experience

Tall and imposing, the Colossus of Rhodes, in Ancient Greece, was short-lived: the statue stood at Rhodes’ harbor (or at a site nearby, depending on the sources that you consult) for 56 years. In Second Life, the Colossus of Rhodes‘ existence will be even shorter, at least as a building for the “Fashion For Life” […]

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That day in 1917

For years, the notebook had rested in the deep drawer. It not only looked old, but also forgotten: a uniform layer of dust covered it, indicating no one had touched it for years, maybe decades. With a sense of respect and curiosity, I opened it randomly and read: “[…] common in those days, he could […]

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