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This blog is about the marvel of people’s ingeniousness in the virtual world of Second Life and some reflections that they arise. I will be traveling up and down, taking virtual photos and searching for wonders. I am particularly interested in how we can expand our boundaries in SL, in how we can give some “reality”, including some “physics”, to things we envisage but that would be difficult or even impossible to bring to the atomic world. It does not mean that I will only pay attention to what is “not possible in real life” (although it is possible that not-possible-in-real-life things become the major subject of this blog). I do not intend to be a second Bettina Tizzy. The work she did for publicizing architecture, landscaping and art elements in SL that would not be possible in real life was amazing and will always be remembered – but I do not have her knowledge, her expertise nor her talent. I will just visit different sims, go exploring and try to share, both via photos and text, my experience, my thoughts while in those places.


2 thoughts on “About this blog

    • Thank you, Yordie, it’s so very kind of you! I feel honored. I’ve added yours to my blogroll too – and should have done it before, my bad. Again, thank you very much!

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