Second Life at the age of majority

Second Life is celebrating now, until July 6th, its 18th anniversary — an event also known as SL18B. As SL reaches the age of majority, fantasy has been chosen as the theme for the party, which, following tradition, includes a set of regions that can be explored from the Welcome Area. The main party zone […]

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A place where cats took over

Nekomachi Street is a sky platform in Tonarino region, in Second Life, that depicts a Japanese town inhabited by anthropomorphized cats. In the (almost fully) still scene composed there, they behave like humans: they go to restaurants, work as waiters at bars, ride bikes, deliver pizza, go to the movies and so on. They are […]

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Reformed town in mainland

Right after I visited Hiraya Township, in Heterocera (mainland), and wrote about it, the place underwent a major reform. Though some parts remained the same, the central area around the train station has been completely redesigned, which makes a big difference for the whole complex. I noticed some changes, too, in the village of Amakura, […]

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No Eden to the west

In the United States’ modern mythology, Route 66, established in the 1920s, emerged as a symbolic way to hope and freedom, to the promises of a better life or to the dreams of a more authentic existence on earth. This set of images also comes to my mind when I visit Mother Road – Mirage […]

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Screenshot or photograph? Does how you label it really matter?

Myra Wildmist started an interesting discussion on what virtual photography really is and if it is so different from, let’s say, real-world photography (since she refers at some point to Wikipedia, I’d notice that what she calls virtual photography is classified by the free online encyclopedia rather as in-game photography – but, yes, photography). The […]

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