Screenshot or photograph? Does how you label it really matter?

Myra Wildmist started an interesting discussion on what virtual photography really is and if it is so different from, let’s say, real-world photography (since she refers at some point to Wikipedia, I’d notice that what she calls virtual photography is classified by the free online encyclopedia rather as in-game photography – but, yes, photography). The […]

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A community forest in Bellisseria

As Bellisseria expands in Second Life – but it was clear from its very beginning – the latest Linden Homes continent becomes more organic and integrated. Each time it increases, visitors and residents can confirm that, in contrast with the old premium continents, Bellisseria has been planned as a continuum where houses are not just […]

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Geography matters

One of the most interesting tasks involved in building a sim or a group of sims in Second Life is the one of landscaping: not only because this is how we give some (virtual) concreteness to the atmosphere we mean to create, but also because it determines how integrated the different areas of our project […]

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And a UFO crashed in Second Life

The late 1940s and the 1950s produced a series of sci-fi themes in the United States that have spread and marked our cultural imaginary since then. It’s from those times that the most famous UFO-related case in history emerged: the Roswell Incident, in New Mexico, US, dates back to 1947. That’s the starting point for […]

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