Ten special attractions to visit in Bellisseria

As a new underwater tunnel connecting a group of windmills to a balloon rezzer is about to be released in Bellisseria, I took the opportunity to revisit some gems spread around the continent that revolutionized the project of Linden Homes. Actually, this is one of the features that transformed Belli into a special place on Second Life’s map: it’s full of hidden — or not so hidden — treats for those who go exploring it.

The list that I present here is by no means exhaustive. It’s just a small selection of places that I consider interesting. But there are other curious, delightful attractions in Belli. In order to get a notecard with even more places to check, I suggest stopping by Bellisseria Citizens Headquarters.

So here we go, starting with the new place that I have just visited and which is about to be released:

1. Balloon rezzer, underwater tunnel and windmills

Balloon and windmills in Bellisseria

This place actually corresponds to two regions in Bellisseria. When I went there, they seemed almost ready to be released — so I thought of sharing them with my readers here.

Windmills and a tunnel that goes underwater

First, I was shown a group of five windmills (thanks to Randy Firebrand for the tip). From behind them, a tunnel goes underwater and emerges again near a station where one can rez a balloon for exploring Bellisseria from above. A balloon ride is definitely a nice way to see parts of the continent and its geography.

2. Maze

There is a small but entertaining maze in the heart of a region with traditional homes. In its center, a little pond and a tree make it still more picturesque.

A small maze in a region with traditional homes

That maze is not a place where one will get lost for hours. Quite the opposite: its level of difficulty can be considered low. I would say that the idea seems to be of presenting not a complex puzzle that would absorb people’s attention for a long while, but an amusing, charming, even relaxing site.

3. Surf beach

A beach for surfing in Belli

Surfing may be a good way to have fun in Second Life, and Bellisseria has at least one nice beach with surfable waves out there. It is, of course, equipped with board rezzers, but it also has other amenities for those who just want to relax under the sun or have a nice conversation at a beach bar.

4. Ebbe Altberg Memorial

In the center of an islet in the region of Altberg, a memorial pays homage to one of the greatest CEOs that Linden Lab has had. Ebbe Altberg passed away earlier this year, in June, and left an invaluable contribution to Second Life and its community.

The memorial in honor of Ebbe Altberg

The monument has been appropriately placed in Bellisseria, a continent that appeared and began flourishing under Ebbe’s direction in Second Life. It is a beautiful tribute to him.

5. Lighthouse in Fair Harbor

Ricco admiring the view from the lighthouse

This is not the only lighthouse in Bellisseria, the continent is full of them, and they are all worth visiting, but the tower built in Fair Harbor offers one of the best views of the continent, in my opinion. Mountains on the one hand, the sea on the other hand — the contrast builds an interesting landscape for observing from above (and from the sea, when you arrive at the region, you can read the continent’s name on the rocks).

6. Dinosaur fossil

Young Bellisseria already has layers of history — or prehistory, as a dinosaur fossil discovered during the excavations for extending the railway system around the continent shows.

A dinosaur fossil found in the excavations for expanding the railway in Bellisseria

I particularly like the idea of placing a fossil in Belli because it suggests some past, it adds some sense of duration to the scenario occupied by Linden Homes. In other words, it helps us to imagine Bellisseria’s neighborhoods as something more real, even if we know that they are completely virtual.

7. Radioactive waters with mutant fish

It seems that Blinky, the three-eyed fish species, hasn’t been multiplying only in the Simpson’s Springfield. Some specimens have also been seen in Bellisseria, particularly in the region of Permaglow, for in its waters lie some radioactive materials.

Waters with mutant fish

Though in real life radioactive contamination may be scary and have devastating effects, in SL it will only produce fish with three eyes — and maybe cause your viewer to crash?

8. SS Galaxy

SS Galaxy cruise ship is a classic in Second Life. Built in 2007 as a private initiative, the three-sim long vessel was converted into a sort of museum by Linden Lab in 2015. Five years later, it moved to the coast of Bellisseria, where it has been anchored since then.

The cruise ship seen from Bellisseria

The cruise ship was considered once the largest single building in SL. Maybe it still holds the title today.

9. Hidden mole trailer

In a cavern behind a waterfall in Rigamarole there is a hidden trailer where one can see not only signs of Abnor Mole’s presence, but also references to Magellan Linden.

Abnor Mole’s trailer

Abnor Mole has been deeply involved in the development and building of Bellisseria. Magellan, in turn, was once defined by Linden Lab as a legendary explorer of Second Life’s grid. Maybe he has visited the trailer?

10. Sunken houseboat

A house boat sank in Belli

In a lake in Bellisseria one can see the remains of a houseboat that sank at a certain point (no one knows when exactly). Fortunately, it seems that the place was empty when it succumbed to the waters. The cause of the accident also remains unknown so far.

Some thoughts

On a final note, I would say that those treats and other gems hidden in Bellisseria are great touches that have helped in transforming the old Linden Home idea into a completely renovated project a few years ago. They constitute attractions that stimulate people to explore the continent. And, as Belli grows, with new areas being added for receiving new Linden Homes, we know we can expect further attractions, such as the balloon rezzer and the windmills that have just been built.

The 10 item list that I present here is just one of the possible inventory of places to visit and explore in Bellisseria. I am sure my 7 or 8 readers ( 😉 ) will add their own personal preferences to this series of attractions.

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