Reformed town in mainland

Right after I visited Hiraya Township, in Heterocera (mainland), and wrote about it, the place underwent a major reform. Though some parts remained the same, the central area around the train station has been completely redesigned, which makes a big difference for the whole complex. I noticed some changes, too, in the village of Amakura, linked to main Hiraya.

Youkigawa Park and the Youki River
A bridge over the Youki River

The modifications in the central area seem to go in two directions. On the one hand, they underline the Youki River and Youkigawa Park around it. Together with other green areas in the region, Youkigawa Park balances the urban aspect of the sim in a way that integrates nature with the town area.

The central area around the train station at night
Lights in Hiraya’s central area at night

On the other hand, the very urban side of the region seems enhanced in new Hiraya. The town in the central area around the train station looks more developed and more complex than before.

Hiraya’s new central area

The train station itself was renovated and looks more integrated to the city — which is particularly interesting, since the railroad seems to be one of the main attractions of Hiraya.

The train station in Hiraya
Stairs at Hiraya’s train station

In Amakura, some buildings were moved from one area to another and more than a couple of items were added. Still, the place feels more or less the same as before. I mean, the changes are noticeable, but they don’t really change the whole impression that one has while visiting the village.

Dogs and bunny in Amakura after the reform
Greenhouse and other buildings in Amakura

For me, the changes reduced lag, which seemed to be one of the main motives for revamping the sim. Also, they made Hiraya even more exciting and captivating. It’s great to have such a place in Second Life’s mainland.

Street corner in new Hiraya

7 thoughts on “Reformed town in mainland

  1. “Heterocera (mainland)”

    Hi Ricco, while it’s true that Heteroera is one of now 9 mainland continents, it’s a bit misleading calling it just mainland. This is for many of the geographically uneducated resis still, and exclusively, the old mainland continent of Sansara.

    Why don’t you call Heterocera not just by its name … or “the Atoll Continent” as which it is also known.

    1. “the railroad seems to be one of the main attractions of Hiraya.”

      Oh, and also this is no wonder; many parcels and townships are gathered around the train stations as Heterocera was already planned as a traffic-biased continent with a huge net of tracks and stations and roads.

  2. Hi Rico, I enjoyed the post. Looks like I need to revisit this location. What the area is called historically, just adds a bit more context. It’s all mainland to me and always worth exploring. Thanks and stay well.

    1. Hi, Rocky, I’m glad that you enjoyed this post. Hiraya is really worth exploring. It’s always good to visit the traditional Second Life’s continents and enjoy the gems that they exhibit. Take care, my friend 🙂

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