Opening a gallery in Bellisseria with a photo exhibition by Boudicca Amat

In a new adventure for our second lives, Randy Firebrand and I decided to inaugurate an art space in Bellisseria called The 22, and we invited photographer Boudicca Amat for the opening exhibition, which starts today, August 8th, and runs until October 24th (for the same period, Randy and I will be showing an installation there, too, but that’s a subject for another post that will soon be published). Boudicca kindly accepted our invitation and then Randy and I worked on the idea of revisiting her SL photos since 2014 by means of identifying recurrent themes in them. We selected five themes, that we called pretty, light, chairs, wings and broken – and that’s how we arrived at the exhibition’s title: 5 times Boudicca.

Chairs: one of the themes of the exhibition

The themes are a way of both recognizing elements that are part of Boudicca’s repertoire over the years and, at the same time, noticing how her approach to them changed from one piece to another. To put it in different words: it’s a form of underlining both continuity and variation in her work.

Boudicca’s pictures in one of the gallery’s rooms
Arriving at the room for ‘light’, itself a theme and a concept that guides the whole exhibition
The exhibition poster

We easily perceived, during this process, that her photos have a certain visual signature – for, within the diversity of her production, one can recognize a strong consistency in the way she treats light (itself a theme in the exhibition and a concept whose presence can be seen in all the other themes) – which certainly gets reflected in the way her pictures are understood or apprehended. Thus, if Boudicca’s photos could be defined by words, such a definition would certainly have to be based on the way she illuminates both her subjects and the public.

Boudicca’s photos taken in different years, in a dialog between them

As a bonus, Boudicca agreed to produce four new pictures especially for this exhibition – and the result is amazing. Randy and I are really honored to host this retrospective of her production since 2014. It is certainly a great way to open our new art space.

A look into another gallery room
The exhibition also has a couple of ‘stand-alone’ photos, one of which is seen here

The 22 is conceived as a place for the community of Bellisseria and of SL in general to appreciate SL photography, digital paintings, virtual sculptures, multimedia installations and other forms of art that flourish in Second Life. It is a non-for-profit gallery where visitors can read at the entrance: “Ceci n’est pas une galerie”.

The 22: Ceci n’est pas une galerie

The place’s name is a reference to the Modern Art Week in 1922 in Brazil. But SL is not Brazil and the gallery is not made for displaying modern art, in its strict, scholar sense. What Randy and I intend with that reference is something else, but we’ll let the public decide on their own what’s the link there.

The 22’s frog: the gallery is located in Grenouille, Bellisseria
The gallery’s backyard

For now, what we can say is: if you are reading this, go see 5 times Boudicca, that runs until October 24th. It is worth visiting and taking some time to enjoy. Also, you may want to check the installation by Randy and me, called Carol Anne. You will be able to read about it here soon.

The gallery’s cafe area

4 thoughts on “Opening a gallery in Bellisseria with a photo exhibition by Boudicca Amat

  1. Your vision and passion for art has created a richer, more vibrant concept for displaying and appreciating an SL photographer’s body of work.
    It gives new insights, reveals subtleties and dialogues between the images. A collection of pictures has become an entity, with depth and meaning.

    I was thrilled to be asked to take part in The 22, but what I hadn’t bargained for was the gift you and Randy have given me. The gift of seeing myself as an artist.

    Thank you both so much for this amazing opportunity.♥

    1. Actually, it was all there: when we started going through your photos, the concept of the exhibition popped up before our eyes, as well as the themes. It was there, you were there, your presence is so noticeable in every single photo! That’s part of being an artist, and we just had to pick the images and show them in the gallery. Actually, picking was the difficult part, it’s so hard to eliminate options when all options are great.

      Thank you very much for accepting our invitation. It is an honor to open the gallery with an exhibition by you. It meas so much for us, and we have been learning a lot with you and with this experience. Thank you, really.

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