‘Duet’: pairs of photos in exhibition at the 22

Duet is an exhibition that combines pairs: two photographers, couples of images and geminate ideas. It features Evie and Dutch Ireman and runs from today, October 2nd, until December 11th at The 22 art space, in Bellisseria. Its final form was developed somewhat by chance, when Randy and I approached a number of artists with a project to which we didn’t really know how they would answer. Dutch and Evie were the ones who said they were in, and then we started working on it.

A pair of images by Evie and another photo by Dutch Ireman

Randy and I selected four pictures of each photographer’s established production. Our idea was simply to create an exhibition with their photos, to show at The 22. In order to complete the set, we asked them if they could produce another four pictures, each one. They kindly agreed to do so.

A photo bye Evie (left) and a pair of pictures by Dutch Ireman

To be honest, at first we had only some vague idea of what we intended with the images that we chose, but it was far from a structured concept that could guide the exhibition planning. We only suggested that Evie and Dutch completed the sets of pictures in a way that would make some sense to them. With that, we hoped that they would get inspired by the four works by each that we had selected, in order to produce another four new pieces.

Duet: the exhibition poster
One image by each photographer and a yin-yang rug

When the results came, Randy and I were surprised and happy to see that we actually had a collection of images that could be divided in pairs. Even if each photographer didn’t know who else would join them in the exhibition, they provided us with photos that could be arranged in sets of two. In other words, the concept for the exhibition just jumped in front of us: we had duets – of pictures, of ways to think of those photographs.

Two pictures by Evie (left and right) and one by Dutch Ireman (center)

In order to underline that concept, we chose to display other elements in the gallery, together with the pictures. They are some daily, common items, that we generally pair, that we easily think of as forming duos or that we tend to see as halves of a certain unit. Of course, Randy and I didn’t intend to draw attention from the photographs to other objects, they are just a detail, a way to actually emphasize the dualism that characterizes Duet, the exhibition.

Photos by Dutch Ireman (left) and Evie in a room with a pair of boxing gloves and two tennis racquets
The 22 art space in Bellisseria, Second Life

We hope the general public in Second Life will enjoy Duet as much as we do. Again: it can be visited from today, October 2nd, until December 11th at The 22, in Bellisseria. It features photographers Dutch Ireman and Evie, who contributed to the exhibition with eight amazing pictures each.

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