Acquire the works of great artists and help fighting cancer

During my Second Life existence, I’ve got involved with a few projects – some more useful than others, I have to confess. Among them, one that has touched me more deeply is the current activity I’m dedicated to: a photo exhibition and auction in benefit of Relay For Life of SL. I was insecure at first, but we could gather a great team of photo artists in SL, including Ziki Questi, Tomais Ashdene, Skippy Beresford (that was one of the big surprises for me!), Em Larsson, Bear Silvershade, Trinity Yazimoto, Morgan Kincess, Hills, Boudicca Amat, Pusher, Bijou, Serei Guena and Dru G. Eiren Milneaux. And that’s how Visions of Hope: silent auction in benefit of RFL of SL was born. And now it’s about to start: it runs from May 3 (this Sunday) to May 31, at the Hope Haven Heroes Gallery, and the opening party, with DJ Cupric Router, is scheduled for May 3, 1PM, SLT.

Some of the works for
Some of the works for “Visions of Hope: silent auction in benefit of Relay For Life of SL”

The project itself made me admire even more the great photographers and photo artists who contributed with the auction by donating their works. It also helped me find new friends or solidify older friendships – and believe me, these people, all of them, are personally charming. And generous, yes. I don’t want to name names here, or, I’m sure, I’d be unfair with those not mentioned, but I have to state it: we really got all kinds of help: tips about the decoration of the gallery, people pushing us ahead when we got insecure, photographers helping us so much with spreading the word about the auction, amazing individuals donating their time, their art pieces, their work as DJs – all for the cause of Relay For Life.

Hope Haven Heroes Gallery
Hope Haven Heroes Gallery

So, now, some directions for those who are interested in the auction. All works in the exhibition can be acquired. For placing a bid, one just has to click on the title boards. The minimum bid is just L$ 400 and the amounts can be increased by at least L$ 100 each time. At the end of May, we will learn who acquired what. All the funds raised will go to Relay For Life, wich helps raising money for the American Cancer Society’s programs to improve cancer survival, decrease the incidence of cancer and improve the quality of life for cancer patients and their caretakers.

One of the works being shown at the gallery
One of the works being shown at the gallery

This auction is made possible by a number of people. Besides the artists, of course, and the DJ who is helping us with the opening party, I have to thank Randy Firebrand – for co-leading the project with me and building the gallery, gardening, helping with so many items that it’s impossible to mention them all here – and Fly, who kindly donated the place for placing the building. Also, the whole Hope Haven Heroes (HHH) team has to be recognized. HHH is the RFL of SL team that represents Hope Haven, where support groups for cancer survivors and cargegivers meet. And we hold the expectation that this will help not only raising funds, but also letting people know that, if they need, they can find support in SL, in those meetings (to find more info on that, just click on the Hope sign at the door).

Works at the exhibition
Works at the exhibition

Finally, the auction is our way to contribute with the 10th anniversary of RFL of SL. The first Relay For Life of SL was held in 2005. It was attended by a few hundred avatars and raised about US$ 5,000. In 2014, RFL of SL raised US$ 415,000. May it gather even more money this year. The Relay weekend will be held on July 17th and 18th. Other activities, such as the silent auction, have also been organized for raising funds.

Contributions for the auction
Contributions for the auction

If you’d like to join us for the party on May 3m, 1PM SLT, see the exhibition, acquire some of the works and contribute with Relay For Life of SL, please visit us at the Hope Haven Heroes Gallery. And remember, the auction runs from May 3 until May 31.

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