Geography matters

One of the most interesting tasks involved in building a sim or a group of sims in Second Life is the one of landscaping: not only because this is how we give some (virtual) concreteness to the atmosphere we mean to create, but also because it determines how integrated the different areas of our project […]

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Animals are us

Like some other people out there, I’ve learned – not without surprise – from Ziki Questi that Roche was closing. After one month, I checked Second Life’s map and noticed that the region remained there – meaning that the sim was rather transformed into something else instead of just disappearing. I teleported to it and […]

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The eye catcher: an experience on virtual photographing (and some WindLight tips)

“In every photograph there is a phantasmagoric element.” CARVALHO, Bernardo. Nine Nights. A number of places in Second Life are built to be photographed – and they tend to look really beautiful. This is the case of Just Another Tequilla Sunrise, a “picturesque sim full of fall colors and secret hideaways” created by photographer Arol. […]

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On the road with Ben

After a long while planning this, the opportunity finally came for me to prepare a post with one of the greatest photographers that I’ve met in Second Life, my friend Benjamin Glendale. And it was like taking a trip, like going west in the US and experiencing all the iconic elements of that travel: a […]

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Visiting a surprising grassland with Tom

For my first exploring adventure in Second Life with my friend – and great SL photographer – Tomais Ashdene, we chose to visit Noweeta Grassland, a sim designed by Ash (Kaja Ashland), an intriguing personality who defines herself as a “photographer, traveler, dudeist, anti-feminist, storyteller, flower lover, pewdiepie bro, grid hopper, animal lover, skrillexfan, listener, friend […]

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I want to ride my bicycle

When my friend Tomais Ashdene gave me a bicycle in Second Life, I didn’t think I would be beaten by the biking bug, but the fact is that bicycling is a great way to explore some sims out there, especially the ones that reproduce a countryside atmosphere. This is the case of Roche. Actually, it seems that […]

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