Ce Soir Arts celebrates Valentine’s with an exhibition ‘From The Heart’

I am happy to announce that I’ve been invited to contribute with a couple of photos to the exhibition that’s being organized by Ce Soir Arts to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s in Second Life. Called From The Heart, the exhibition opens on Sunday, Feb. 14 (of course!) – with a huge party that goes from 3PM to 7PM, SL Time – and runs for one month.

Eros+Psyche (detail)
Eros+Psyche (detail)

From The Heart will bring together paintings, photos, sculptures and other kinds of works from different artists in SL. The pieces will be distributed between two places in Ce Soir Arts’ sim: the Main Gallery and The Conservatory.

The opening party will be at Le Chateau Ce Soir, on the same sim. The event will consist of four live performances by different musicians who play in Second Life: Joaquin Gustav, at 3PM; PM Bookmite, at 4PM; Anj Gustafson, at 5PM; and Baz, at 6PM.

Eros+Psyche (detail)
Eros+Psyche (detail)
Ohne dich (detail)
Ohne dich (detail)

Illustrating this post, my readers can see details of the two pictures that I have submitted to the exhibition curators. I won’t show them complete, here, for two reasons: first, because I’d like to invite people to Ce Soir Arts to see all the works being displayed there; second, because one may think they are worth buying, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable with selling a picture that one could fully find on Flickr or elsewhere on the web.

Having said that, I’d like to suggest: let’s go to Ce Soir Arts and check what they have prepared for us for Valentine’s? See you there!

Ohne dich (detail)
Ohne dich (detail)

2 thoughts on “Ce Soir Arts celebrates Valentine’s with an exhibition ‘From The Heart’

  1. Ricco, thank you for sharing about the From the Heart Exhibit at Ce Soir Arts with your readers. We are honoured to display your work during this exhibit, and very much appreciate your participation. The expressions – both the joyful and the sorrowful – that will be included in the exhibit enrich our experience and we value your contributions. We have long admired your photographic talents and have enjoyed your blog, always finding excellent information and conversation here. We look forward to welcoming your readers as they join us to enjoy and celebrate your work and the lovely Valentine’s Day holiday!
    Best wishes always,
    Mireille (and Æon too)

    1. I really have no words to thank you and Æon for these warm, kind and encouraging words and for all the support. It’s an honor for me to contribute with the amazing initiative of the exhibition. Thank you both very much and may you have an amazing Valentine’s!

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