Best Photographer 2014? Wow!

I got really surprised today when Bock McMillan sent me an Oscar-like award in Second Life – and even more surprises when I read its inscription: “Best Photographer – 2014”. I didn’t know I was running, so it was really a great honor to find out at once that I was being considered for the prize and that I actually won it. Also, it is a privilege to share the title of “Best Photographer” with Nikolai Warden, who takes amazing shots.

Prize: Best Photographer 2014
Prize: Best Photographer 2014
Ricco and Randy
“Things we do at home”: Randy and Ricco

I have always considered my photos to be mainly illustrations for my blog posts. However, I have learned a few tricks since I started this blog, what allowed me to become a bit more daring and take some pics not related to what I write here.

Ricco (wolf) and Randy (lycan)
“Two wolves”: Randy as a lycan and Ricco as a wolf

As far as I could understand, the jurors for the prize were Bock and his partner, Tomais Ashdene. Both are my friends, and one can say they are biased. Still, they know at least a dozen photographers, I’m sure, and it’s a great honor to find out that they seem to really like my pictures.

Ricco and the green creature
“Christmas also arrives to the tropics (but in different clothes)”: Ricco and the green creature

The prizes are given to other categories too, such as “Best Designer”, “Best DJ” and “Best Pose Maker”, to name a few. For the complete list, please visit Bock’s post announcing the winners.

“I’m coming for you”, featuring Britt

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