Happy anniversary to the SL community

Rail road at SL9B

9th SL anniversary community event: let’s take this train?

I have not been posting so often, and it is because I am really involved with some things both in Second Life and the atomic world. In SL, I have been helping in Second Pride (just a bit, but it meant I had to dedicate some time to it) and I also volunteered as a greeter for a big community event prepared to celebrate SL’s 9th anniversary (or SL9B as it has been called). And this is what brings me to this post.

Ricco getting ready for SL9B

Ricco getting ready for SL9B

A while ago, when Linden Lab announced it would not organize this anniversary’s celebration, there was some controversy all around among SL residents. Then, Tateru Nino launched a challenge, some kind of bait… and a group of residents actually bit. And the outcome is a group of sims (that you can visit by going to the event’s welcome area) with exhibitions and performances dedicated to celebrate the 9th anniversary.

The celebration started on June 18th. The party itself is scheduled to finish on June 24th, but the exhibitions will not close until June 27th. For those who like to explore the possibilities of SL, there are many buildings and exhibition sets there which are definitely a challenge to the imagination. And if you find a greeter (me, for instance), do not forget to ask for freebies, we have some for you. Since I have to work there soon, I will not extend this post much further; I will just leave some eye candy for you. See you at SL9B!

SL9B: Lake stage

SL9B: Lake stage

SL9B: under water at Gala Boardwalks

SL9B: under water at Gala Boardwalks

SL9B: the cake stage at Nueve

SL9B: the cake stage at Nueve


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